Monday, April 09, 2007

The 11 Hard-To-Find Nirvana Songs

I know I'm a few days late with the post. I blame it on this terrible cough/cold that's been running around. I've been stuck in bed all weekend unable to move. How bad was it? Well, I was so tired...I couldn't even gather enough energy to change the channel on my TV's remote control. I ended up watching all five hours of The Ten Commandments...and LIKED it. Heston was one sexy man...wait, did I just say that out loud? Anyway...13 years ago...Kurt Cobain supposedly killed himself. But most of us know that he is really off on some island in Fiji with Tupac, Bradley Nowell, and Eazy-E helping Axl Rose write the mythical "Chinese Democracy." A few years back, a collection of Nirvana unreleased tracks was officially released. Though left out a few gems.

Here are the 11 Hardt-To-Find Nirvana Songs:

1. Paper Cuts - Ed, Ted, and Fred Demos
2. Talk To Me - Unreleased Live
3. My Best Friend's Girl - Outcesticide 5
4. Spank Thru - Subpop 200 version
5. Seasons in the Sun - Rio Session
6. About A Girl (Live) - Sliver E.P. UK
7. Spank Thru (Live) - Sliver E.P. UK
8. Turnaround - John Peel Session
9. Divine and Bright - Earth and Kurt Cobain
10. Down in the Dark - Mark Lanegan and Kurt Cobain
11. Opinion (with intro) - same song as the box set only this include the infamous intro

I've just realized I have scores of other Nirvana gems that I've never uploaded to my more to come.

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