Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The 11 Best Alice in Chains Songs

You know what sucks? Having the stomach flu. Not because you spend a good three days kneeling before a mildew infested porcelain wading cesspool...that part is bad, don't get me wrong. What really sucks about being sick is the lost time. A good chunk of your life is ripped away from you. Projects that are due pile-up in Eiffel-style stacks on your desk, so the moment you sit down, you feel like they're about to go Pisa and explode in a wild array of multi-colored paper like Rip Taylor dropped by to take your lunch order. Things that were due are now late. So you spend all your time on the "late" projects while the "now due" projects become late and you look like just the worst employee on the floor and your spot in the corner cubicle is severly threatened.

Last week was the anniversary of the death of Layne Staley, singer of the rock band Alice in Chains. Strangely...both Layne and Kurt Cobain died on the same day. Wow, that really is strange. Layne had one of the greatest voices in rock. A voice that will never be matched. And a voice that is severly missed.

Here are the 11 Best Alice in Chains songs:

1. Would? - Dirt
2. Rooster - Dirt
3. Nutshell - Jar of Flies
4. A Little Bitter - Last Action Hero Soundtrack
5. Man in the Box - Facelift
6. Sea of Sorrow - Facelift
7. Right Turn (featurning Chris Cornell and Mark Arm) - Sap E.P.
8. Heaven Beside You - Alice in Chains
9. Sickman - Dirt
10. Damn That River - Dirt
11. Brother - Sap E.P.


William said...

fuck lists but yeah...

Eric Fritz said...

Why isn't No Excuses on this list?

Robert said...

rain when i die? That riff at 1:50 is fucking amazing really shows the fuel behind the eventual young end of the rock and roll cosmic curse. Unreal. Must be embraced. Must.

inshau said...

it arnt like that ???? they always use to play this song as the starting song for there gigs n this gr8 songs not in the list tat suckz big tim

inshau said...

it aint like that??? this is a song they play almost in every concert as a kickin off song n when this song is not in this list it sucks big time :(..disapointing

inshau said...

it aint like that??? this is a song they play almost in every concert as a kickin off song n when this song is not in this list it sucks big time :(..disapointing

Cameron said...

Top ten songs from AIC (in no particular order):

1: Love, Hate, Love
2: Sunshine
3: Nutshell
4: I Stay Away
5: We Die Young
6: No Excuses
7: Down in a Hole
8: Man in the Box
9: Dirt
10: Rain When I Die

Savorist said...

I Stay Away should be on this list, dude. It's the creepiest, most harmonically interesting AIC song ever.

Anonymous said...

the rooster is way better than would though.

Chris said...

Um... hello people shame in you much. this list is just my opinion as of now

1.Shame In You
2.Love, Hate, Love
4.Down In A Hole
5.Man In The Box
6.Got Me Wrong
7.Dam That River
8.Them Bones
9.Rain When I Die
10.Don't Follow

aic fan said...

In no Particular order...

God Am - Alice in Chains
Frogs - Unplugged
Would? - Dirt
Down In a Hole - Dirt
Nutshell - Jar of Flies
I Stay Away - Jar of Flies
Man In the Box - Facelift
Them Bones - Dirt
Got Me Wrong - Sap
Again - Alice in Chains
Sludge Factory - Unplugged

Tommy said...

The end of life or was it just the crawl back to life, essentially we will never know what the late great poet meant in this ill classic that still rings in my head until this day, Rotten Apple (Apple as we all know from "the holy book"symbolizes life) well the precious fruit has rotten and so did the band when Layne died, RIP Layne Staley. PS "Rotten Apple" should be there as well as "Don't Follow"

Anonymous said...

Where is Get Born Again...? Hydrogen peroxide on a horror movie-esque day or week or month or two. Close to the edge...but Layne says no, don't Fcking follow me. Get Born Again. Badass song

KREW Bee said...

Them Bones should be top five atleast