Wednesday, June 27, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: Ryan Adams - Silver

I still buy music. I still buy a lot of music. I actually buy too much music. My wife has scolded me many times about the excessive amounts of money I've spent buying CDs. We'd be living in a mansion instead of a condo if I decided to cash in my CD collection. But I won't. I love the comfort of a good tune more than a backyard and a swimming pool. When Ryan Adams new CD leaked all over the internet, I waited. I knew I would buy the CD and I love Sir Ryan so I wanted nothing to ruin the surprise of the new album (Easy Tiger). I bought the CD today at Best Buy because it came with a bonus track to download ("Alice"). Little did I know it was a trick. If you download the track, Best Buy is actually download DRM software onto your computer to monitor your music listening/burning. Didn't some company get sued for doing the same thing like just last year? Why do these companies never never learn?

Do not buy the new album at Best Buy. Buy it here cheaper.

People want Mp3s. That's the file-type we want to use. Why do these companies continue to try and shove alternate files down our throats? We do not want AAC, WMA, or WAV. Stop selling us those tracks. Better yet, if you WANT TO MAKE MONEY...then stop selling those tracks. I would buy ten times more songs off itunes if they got rid of the DRM and sold MP3s. How come only Emusic gets it? Maybe that's why even such a limited catalog, they are still the number two retailer on the block.

Wake up record labels. Don't make the same mistakes of your predecessors. 90% of the digital music is in the MP3 format. Learn from history. The consumer is not going to change to meet your format. Either you can change or you WILL BE left behind.

Here is the first of four Ryan Adams B-sides collections. This one is called Silver and spans the Heartbreaker/Gold years. The only track I couldn't find was "Poor Southern Girl," which I should get eventually.

If you personally have other Ryan B-sides...I am still missing a few for the other collections and would love some assistance. Coming soon: "Hate Is Heaven," "Jazz & Blues," and "Hot Tulips."

Ryan Adams - Silver

1. Monday Night
2. Rosalie Come and Go
3. Fools We Are As Men
4. Sweet Black Magic
5. The Bar Is A Beautiful Place
6. Cannonball Days
7. Mara Lisa
8. From Me To You
9. Lovesick Blues
10. Blue
11. Damn Sam
12. Goodbye Honey


Hala said...

i was looking for a favorite song for this eek and feom me to you has definitely done it, i absolutely cannot resist ryan's shalalas and ohaahs with the tambourine thanks very much

-tom said...

Drop me an email with the Ryan Adams B Sides you still need.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! looking forward to the next three b-side albums.

jloco said...

Oh Yeah!

jason said...
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jason said...

Love this comp man, can't wait to see what's on the next 3...

PS-I think of the world of mp3 blogs like the penny tray at a convenience store...give a penny when you can/take a penny when you need one: _Southern_Girl.m4a

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