Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Say Hi

It will always amaze with the amount of music I listen to and how many different artists that I'm at least familiar with...that I always seem to discover great bands that I never even knew existed.  

Say Hi (originally Say Hi To Your Mom) is basically a one-man wrecking crew better-known among friends as Eric Elbogen.  I stumbled across Say Hi's new release (Um, Uh Oh) based on a rather high score on metacritic.  Everyone who scores a 75 or higher, usually gets an obligatory listen from me.  I usually skip through the album...but this time, I was impressed.  I picked up the album thinking it was a debut or at best a sophomore release.  There's no way an artists this good could have seven albums under their belt and I hadn't heard of them.  Not that I'm the authority on all things music...but it's rare an artist slides by unnoticed, especially one who makes albums about vampires and Star Trek.  I mean, seriously, how much cooler could he be?  I've heard him technically categorized as mumblecore...but who knows what any of these music labels mean anymore.  Think Bright Eyes meets The Promise Ring...and I'm not sure that adequately describes him.  My best suggestion...go take a listen.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Say Hi:

1.  Dimensions and Verticals (Ferocious Mopes)
2.  Blah Blah Blah (Impeccable Blahs)
3.  Pop Music of the Future (Numbers and Mumbles)
4.  Hallie & Henry (Oohs & Aahs)
5.  Not As Goth As They Say We Are (Impeccable Blahs)
6.  November Was White, December Was Grey (Oohs & Aahs)
7.  Unless The Laker Game Was On (Discosadness)
8.  Toil and Trouble (The Wishes and The Glitch)
9.  The Stars Just Blink For Us (Oohs & Aahs)
10.  These Fangs (Impeccable Blahs)
11.  The Twenty-Second Century (Ferocious Mopes)

Buy Say Hi's new album, Um, Uh Oh, now!


safDSFSDFAD said...

You completely left off the best song by them: Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks

acompleteunknown said...

That was my #12 song! With Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh right behind it. It's tough when you have a solid band. There's always great songs left off the list.

Keith said...

...but enough about him, it's her you should keep your eye on