Monday, June 25, 2007

The 11 Best Ryan Adams Songs

For those of you to young to remember sports superstar Bo Jackson or better yet...Tecmo Bowl star Bo Jackson, let me give a brief history (for a longer one, see wikipedia). Bo Jackson was the first bonafide dual-sport NFL/MLB superstar. This guy could play any sport. Nike even gave him his own commercial where he ran around saying "Bo knows football. Bo knows gardening. Bo knows nuclear science." Okay, I made up the second one. Bo Jackson was a monster. He was a full-powered scoring machine, a football game he was tackled. Not a Joe Theismann tackle...a very normal one. But this one tackle destroyed his knee. One doctor said that if a Mac truck had hit his knee it would have done less damage. Bo never recovered.

Ryan Adams is the Bo Jackson of music. If his 8 albums in 7 years isn't impressive enough. The guy also has 3 unreleased full length albums and a 250+ song, 20-disc live set. And that's just his solo work. Unlike Bo, Ryan recovered from his injury and is back making some of the best music of his life. Buy his new album here.

Get your tomatoes ready. Yes, there are no songs from Heartbreaker or JSL. But to make you all happy, I am compiling a Ryan Adams B-Side album called "Miserable" which I will post later this week.

Here are the 11 Best Ryan Adams songs:

1. La Cienega Just Smiled (Gold)
2. This Is It (Rock N Roll)
3. How Do You Keep Love Alive (Cold Roses)
4. Nobody Girl (Gold)
5. Luminol (Rock N Roll)
6. New York, New York (Gold)
7. 1974 (Rock N Roll)
8. If I Am A Stranger (Cold Roses)
9. Please Do Not Let Go (Love Is Hell)
10. Let It Ride (Cold Roses)
11. Strawberry Wine (29)


Justin said...

Alright I'll bite. Where the hell are...

Call me on your way back home
Come Pick Me Up
Winding Wheel
Wild Flowers
Anybody Wanna Take me Home
This House Is Not For Sale

Strawberry Wine is top of my list though, good call on that one.

Rob said...

I think his Whiskeytown song 'West NY Serenade (aka What Makes the World Like This)' is an example of a perfect ryan adams song. Three minutes and fifteen seconds of sheer brilliance. Without Ryan Adams the world would look much more grey. May He live forever.

Roman said...

the easy tiger album is pretty good as well

Nolan Smith said...

Come Pick Me Up
This House is Not for Sale
Strawberry Wine
La Cienega Just Smiled (Gold)
Political Scientists
When the Stars go Blue
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home
I see Monsters
Thank you Louise

Had to do it. - Love the Bo Jackson Breakdown. LA was the illness in Techmo Bowl.

Michael said...

Wheres Two, Blossom, My Love for You is Real, Halloween Head,Ever green and the Sun Sets Also? Lol

kelley said...

oh my sweet carolina!!!
come ON ya'll

kelley said...

oh my sweet carolina!!!
come ON ya'll

Billy said...

Miss Sunflower - from the "Suicide Handbook" album