Monday, June 04, 2007

The Unknown: Soundgarden - Black Sunshine

Okay, I'm cheating a bit with this one. There is no official album called Soundgarden's "Black Sunshine." I made it up. At one time, we were promised a Soundgarden B-Sides album that would have been the partner to their "A-Sides" (less than $10 here) greatest hits album...but 10 years have passed and that never happened. So, I have taken it upon myself to finish the job. This is an original GBU unreleased album. Basically all my life I have collected B-sides and created ficitional albums by my favorite artists. I do have rules to these albums. All songs must have been offiically released in some form. No demos. B-Sides, soundtracks, japanese bonus tracks are all eligible. I try to keep the tracklist to 12-15 songs. And I try to break it up chronologically. I think most people would be surprised how many albums could be created from their favorite bands' extra tracks. In Soundgarden's case, I have been able to create two very strong alternative albums. The first one listed below is called "Black Sunshine." I have created a second one called "WhiteNightSky." For the moment, I will hold off on releasing the second know, to give everyone a chance to absorb these songs...and secondly, to see if there's even a demand for it.

But if you're craving more screeching by Chris Cornell then please go buy his new (and very excellent) album, Carry On. (only $10) It's much stronger than his first solo album...and frankly better than most of the Audioslave material. Long live Seattle.

Soundgarden - Black Sunshine

1. Birth Ritual
2. Show Me
3. Blind Dogs
4. Karoake
5. Sub Pop Rock City
6. Fresh Deadly Flowers
7. Cold Bitch
8. Toy Box
9. I Don't Care About you
10. Can You see Me?
11. She Likes Surprises
12. Kyle Petty, Son of Richard
13. Come Together
14. Motorcycle Loop

Buy Carry On here.


Billy said...

I've got to say you're 2-for-2 with your "The Unknown" posts. Thanks for both of these. I've looked for good Soundgarden b-side collections for a while so let me be the first to encourage you to post the other disc as well.
Thanks again,

Scott said...

This is amazing, thanks! I hope the next set has some of the covers from the SOMMS cover ep that came with badmotorfinger. I have been trying to track that down for years, especially "Into the Void."

Micah said...

What a collection. As a long standing fan, there is NOTHING that can compare to the crunch and grind of Soundgarden. Thank you for the post.

Peter said...

Might be impressive poser, if I didn't have the DEMO version of Birth Ritual, along with the demo versions of half their album songs. Let me know when you have a little song called "Right Turn" featuring AliceMudGarden, and even you should be able to figure out what band members are in that track. I not only have Into the Void - i also have the impossible to find track HIV Baby. If any of you wanna trade me beer or a BJ from a mint slut for - count 'em - my 79 tracks of soundgarden b-sides, let me know

Jason said...

I actually have all those tracks. The AliceMudGarden song was released on the Alice in Chains EP called Sap (which can be purchase on itunes). HIV Baby is from the Born To Choose Compilation, which is pretty easy to find in almost any used CD store. My list consists of B-sides only...not demos. Otherwise, I'd be posting "Nowhere But You," "Stolen Prayer" and "Missing."

Heywood said...

Errr...Fresh Deadly Roses...not Flowers.

Heywood said...

Also, if you are trying to organize these chronologically, you're way outta whack.

Mr.Nomoniker said...

I've always been a huge soundgarden fan, and I'm excited to have these songs (which I only had on an old cassette dubbed from friend some 12 or so years ago.)

I don't know if it was on the badmotorfinger ep already mentioned, but I LOVED their cover of the Devo song "Girl you Want".
any chance that'll be on the next one?

Jason said...

Yes, these are not in chronological order. Since I made both CDs after the break-up of the band...I took some liberties with selection. I opted for flow. I'll try to put the second half up this weekend.

Zack said...

I don't have my (music) blog up yet but I wanted to give you a big thanks for posting this!! Please ignore the music snobs whipping out their demos to try and prove they're indie-r than thou. It is incredibly helpful to have all of these songs in one place. I made sure to send the link to my friend so he can know why I still hold a torch for Chris Cornell even after Audioslave. You just can't beat vintage Soundgarden. I eagerly await the other disc!

David said...

Hey man are you selling the album? Id love to have it, just can't beat Soundgarden,.