Friday, June 29, 2007

The 11 Best Beastie Boys Songs

Fraternities have a way of destroying everything. Not that I have anything against the fraternal order (some of the best college parties I ever attended were frat parties), but frat boys have a way of infesting something cool (like a good song or a girl's virginity) and ultimately annihilating it. When I was in college, you couldn't go to a frat party without the DJ spinning the Beastie Boys' "Brass Monkey." I can't tell you how many times I heard 200 drunk assholes sing along with "Yo baby, was up?" Worst of all...the song was about 8-years-old at the time. It wasn't even current. Sadly, those drunk assholes are more than likely controlling the world as we speak, destroying more of what we consider cool.

Go buy the Beastie Boys stellar new instrumental CD: The Mix-Up. If enough people buy the new album, I'll post the infamous Beastie Boys country album. And I'll be checking to make sure you bought the no fibbing.

Here are the 11 Best Beastie Boys songs:

1. Shadrach (Paul's Boutique)
2. Get It Together (Ill Communications)
3. The Sound of Science (Paul's Boutique)
4. The Negotiation Limerick File (Hello Nasty)
5. B-Boy Bouillabaisse (Paul's Boutique)
6. Time To Get Ill (Licensed To Ill)
7. Flute Loop (Ill Communications)
8. Intergalactic (Hello Nasty)
9. Hey Ladies (Paul's Boutique)
10. Sabatoge (Ill Communications)
11. Pass The Mic (Check Yo Head)


hdche said...

thank you for the list of the best songs ;)

Joe 85 said...

Professor Booty deserves a mention!