Saturday, March 29, 2008

THE UNKNOWN: R.E.M. - Live at the 40 Watt

I'm sorry about the half-post. I thought I had this whole concert. In fact I know I have this whole concert...I just have no idea where the single to Bang and Blame is. I just listened to the complete CD a few months the files are mysteriously missing from my computer and the CD has vanished from my collection. I think our maids stole it. So here's the first half...and I promise to look for the CD and fill in the least I hope I can.

Here's R.E.M.'s performance from the 40 Watt club in 92. Though this isn't all the's the actual release that WB put out on the B-Sides of CD singles for Monster.

THE UNKNOWN: R.E.M. - Live at the 40 Watt:

1. Drive (not Officially Released)
2. Monty Got A Raw Deal (What's The Frequency Kenneth?)
3. Everybody Hurts (What's The Frequency Kenneth?)
4. Man on the Moon (What's The Frequency Kenneth?)
5. Losing My Religion (Bang & Blame)
6. Country Feedback (Bang & Blame)
7. Begin The Begin (Bang & Blame)
8. Fall On Me (Crush With Eyeliner)
9. Me In Honey (Crush With Eyeliner)
10. Finest Worksong (Crush With Eyeliner)
11. Drive (Strange Currencies)
12. Love Is All Around (not Officially Released)
13. Funtime (Strange Currencies)
14. Radio Free Europe (Strange Currencies)


absonderpop said...

Shoot me a mail if I shall send you the missing tracks from the Bang & Blame CDX.

Keep up the good work!
Cheers, Netzhaut

D. said...

I'm pretty sure that the recording of "Drive" from that concert was released on a cd called Alternative NRG. In fact, the official purpose of that show was to record that song for that compilation.

I was there, standing near Kim Basinger. It was a surreal evening.

Dan said...

This is a beauty. Did you ever find the rest of this? Or can you steer me to it????

Dan said...

Wait! Some of these are m4A files? I don't even know what that is!?!?!