Friday, August 22, 2008

The 11 Best Bloc Party Songs:

Back from hiatus!

One of the things taken away from you as a parent is the ability to go to a movie theater and see a new release. You can do it...but you run the risk of your newborn breaking into a hysterical tanrum, yearning for a taste of boob. Not that that's not a good reason to go into a tantrum but it doesn't necessarily amuse the people around you, like the 6'8" biker who stopped into the air conditioned theater to get away from the summer blaze. So, you're left to cable and Netflix, hoping that if you move a movie to the top of your queue you run a better chance of getting it before everyone else. (you don't) But some theaters have reached out to new parents and have introduced "mommie movies." Once a week in the morning, some theaters will show movies for parents with kids it's an entire theater full of screaming babies...and they charge you full price. But if you're itching for a's really the only choice you have. My wife and I went to see Tropic Thunder last week. I was disturbed. Not to see Robert Downey play a black man. Not to see Tom Cruise play a fat bald Jew. But that the woman next to me was feeding her six month old child...Coca-Cola. I sat there the whole movie, glancing to back to see if it was really true. And every time...I was more and more angered. the only thing that kept me from getting out of my seat and ripping the baby away from that crack dealer was to convince myself that she was only giving the child...Diet Coke. That worked. Because if you're going to give your kid least teach them good dieting habits at the same time.

Here Are The 11 Best Bloc Party Songs:

1. Helicopter (Silent Alarm)
2. Two More Years (Silent B-side)
3. Positive Tension (Silent Alarm)
4. The Once and Future King (Another Weekend In the City)
5. Hunting For Witches (A Weekend In the City)
6. Banquet (Silent Alarm)
7. Secrets (Another Weekend In the City)
8. Waiting For the 7.18 (A Weekend In the City)
9. Version 2.0 (Another Weekend In the City)
10. I Still Remember (A Weekend In the City)
11. Flux (A Weekend In the City)

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naivsupr said...

The worst stuff you can put into a child less than three years old are diet products! I'm not saying that sugar is any better. Read up on the aspartame controvercy.

kasper said...

cmon people just use condoms...