Sunday, November 02, 2008

The 11 Best Albums by Ryan Adams

For some reason, Itunes went buggy this weekend and erased all the information I had on my itunes library. Though all the songs remain intact...all the rating, folders, renaming of tracks has all completely vanished. It's beyond frustrating...I've honestly never used a program that had as many bugs and flaws as itunes. I've used microsoft word for 15 years...never had it crash or destroy any information on any of my documents. But itunes crashes about once ever 6 months, erasing all of my data. And somehow...Mac people think that anything mac does is perfect and anything microsoft does is evil. Explain that one to me...

The 11 Best Albums Featuring Ryan Adams
2. Stranger's Almanac (Whiskeytown)
3. Cold Roses (&The Cardinals)
4. Love is Hell (complete)
5. Heartbreaker
6. Pneumonia (Whiskeytown)
7. Rock N Roll
8. Jacksonville City Nights (&The Cardinals)
9. Faithless Street (Whiskeytown)
10. 29
11. Demolition
Buy Ryan Adams and the Cardinals new album...Cardinology


Steve Nelson said...

The picture in this post is a joke (albeit an old, worn out, ignorant one), right?
Otherwise, very informative post. wha?

Sonia Begonia said...

I've had the complete opposite problem (with regards to iTunes and Word) iTunes has always run like a charm, but microsoft word, ugh, is the bane of my exsistance. I've lost papers a couple hours before they're due, presentations that were fine when I went to bed will be gone when I wake up, just boom presto and then a message pops up which says "The application Microsoft Word 2008 has unexpectedly quit. Would you like to send an error report?" at which point i lose my mind ;)
well rant over- like the site!