Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The 11 Best Kanye West Songs

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't spend the day in front of the computer.

Here are the 11 Best Kanye West Songs:

1. Diamonds From Sierra Leone Remix w/ Jay-Z (Late Registration)
2. Stronger (Graduation)
3. Jesus Walks (College Drop-Out)
4. Touch The Sky (Late Registration)
5. Golddigger (Late Registration)
6. Never Let Me Down (College Drop-Out)
7. Roses (Late Registration)
8. Flashing Lights (Graduation)
9. Homecoming (Graduation)
10. We Don't Care (College Drop-Out)
11. Through The Wire (College Drop-Out)

Buy Kanye's new album: 808's and Heartbreak (Get a bonus track here!)


Chris said...

i've never been much of a kanye fan. but my roomate has the newest cd and the first cd... and i listened to them.. and realized that they are two completely different types of music. which is cool, but very bizarre for an artist that has only been in the spotlight for about 4 years maybe a little longer.

Paradigm Commander said...

Pretty brave to use Auto-Tune for a whole album and turn from rapper to singer....on this new album. Heard a few songs....didn't like....but maybe I'm overlooking something.

Jonathan said...

No love for Spaceship?

Cheyenne said...

there should be a '11 best kanye west samples' list.