Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The 11 Best Songs by New Order

We all have music that acts as the soundtrack to our lives. There's always that certain song that reminds you of a day in high school. Or there's a band that reminds you of an ex-girlfriend. And everytime that song or band starts playing a vivd memory comes crashing back as if someone flipped a light switch. New Order is that band to me. Listening to New Order is my audio memory of high school. Everytime I listen to Love Vigilantes, I can remember the first time I heard the song. I was standing on a high school pool deck waiting for our relay team to race. Some of the older kids were playing Low-Life and singing along to the song. 20 years later, that memory sticks with me better than almost anything I did last week. Why is that audio senses afflict such vivid memories? Maybe that's my attraction to music so much. A great song never changes. It's always great. And everytime you listen to it...it reminds you what is so great about it.

Here are the 11 Best Songs by New Order (of the 80s):

1. Love Vigilantes (Low-Life)
2. Broken Promise (Brotherhood)
3. True Faith (Substance)
4. Temptation (Factus 8)
5. Shell-Shock (Substance)
6. Mr. Disco (Technique)
7. Subculture (Low-Life)
8. All The Way (Technique)
9. 1963 (Substance)
10. Sooner Than You Think (Low-Life)
11. Bizarre Love Triangle (Brotherhood)
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Chris said...

i was delightfully suprised to see these on the record store shelves this past weekend. i guess it was really only time after the joy division re-issues. however, i'm still slightly anoyed that substance the singles collection for joy division never got re-released. i don't believe all of those tracks are available on anything else. also, where is the peel sessions re-release? couldn't they just throw all those lovely tracks together. i find them far more interesting then the live bonus discs added onto the three reissues.

Nihilist Loves Hate, Hates Everything said...

Dude--YES on "Love Vigilantes". Absolutely the most slept on great New Order track.

dbutler16 said...

No Perfect Kiss, Ceremony, or Blue Monday? I'm shocked to see Sooner than You Think and Broken Promise in the top 11, but the other 9 are great. It's tough to do a top 10 (or 11) list for New Order because they have so many great songs.

dbutler16 said...

My favorite New Order songs list changes daily, but here it is for the moment:

1. Bizarre Love Triangle
2. Blue Monday
3. Confusion
4. Dream Attack
5. Regret
6. Guilty Partner
7. The Perfect Kiss
8. Here to Stay
9. Round & Round
10. Run
11. Subculture
11. True Faith
11. World

I copped out a bit with a tie for #11. I find it hard to separate these songs, I love them so much.
Music is one of the most powerful evokers of memory, isn't it?