Monday, November 24, 2008

The 11 Most Anticipated Moments in Rock To Come

For all those I asked...yes I did get a C&D because of a GNR track. Strangely, it was not a new Chinese Democracy track. It was an old demo for Civil War that the band gave permission to be traded a few years ago. Because of that, I did some digging and discovered the C&D did not come from the band but from the IFPI an international agency out of England who decides what is illegal and not the labels. Kinda of spooky that some shadow organization was given that power. So my anger toward GNR has subsided...because I'm very positive they were not behind it considering their tracks are being highlighted on other sites.

That said...

It's the day after Chinese Democracy Sunday. It's the end of an era. Not for GNR...but for life. Chinese Democracy ends the era of anticipation. All the mega-events in music and movies...even politics came to a close this year. Just think about all the huge events that have recently we thought would never happen: Led Zeppelin reunites, Van Halen reunites, Genesis reunites, Pink Floyd reunite, The Police reunite, Chinese Democracy, new Metallica album, new AC/DC album, a solo release for Q-Tip, a new Eagles record, Indiana Jones 4, new Portishead album, Smashing Pumpkins reunite (sorta), Stone Temple Pilots reunite, RATM reunite, a mini Zac de la Rocha album, REM decide to play rock music again, and of course...a black President.

Everyone take a deep, what's next?

Here are the 11 Most Anticipated Moments in Rock To Come:

1. Dr. Dre - Detox
2. The Smiths reunion
3. CCR reunion
4. New Michael Jackson album
5. Full Jackson 5 Reunion
6. N.W.A. reunion
7. Green Day's new album
8. Pavement reunion
9. Soundgarden reunion
10. Eminem - Relapse
11. Ryan Adams Box Set of unreleased material


Chris said...

the teenager inside me is also anticipating the white zombie box set that rob zombie has promised.

blureu said...

I guess you can add Neil Young's "Archives" which is finally scheduled for January 27 2009.