Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Jay Reatard

Last week, Jay Reatard was found dead in his home. He was 29. I just learned about his death today. I'm not sure if that's a statement on my life. Two sick kids can keep you pre-occupied from breaking news. Or is it a statement on the current state of the music industry? Here is a very talented music maker, with a solid reputation for one hell of a live show and rabid following. Many people are comparing him to Cobain. And there were a lot of simularities in their music. The only difference...Cobain made music at time when people cared about good music.

But the news of Jay's death is overshadowed by bigger news (Teddy Pendergrass's death) and the death of good pop music (American Idol returns). I think Simon Cowell's exit from American Idol got more press than Teddy's death...and that's just shameful. Jay's death shouldn't have been something I read about in Rolling Stone. (Yeah...I learned it from a print magazine.) I should have known it sooner. I partly blame myself for not knowing. But I put the bigger blame on the media for not knowing what is truly important. Jay's music will live on. Cowell will be the answer to a bar napkin trivia best.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Jay Reatard:

1. My Shadow (Blood Visions)
2. Wounded (Watch Me Fall)
3. See/Saw (Matador Singles 08)
4. Always Wanting More (Matador Singles 08)
5. Blood Visions (Blood Visions)
6. Waiting For Something (Blood Visions)
7. It Ain't Going To Save Me (Watch Me Fall)
8. Oh, It's Such A Shame (Blood Visions)
9. Night of Broken Glass (Singles 06-07)
10. No Time (Matador Singles 08)
11. You Were Sleeping (Matador Singles 08)

If you haven't listened to Jay's music...pick up Singles 06-07 for only $5.00 to get started.


João said...

is this for the record or the mp3?

Stephen Rao said...

Seriously? You totally left out:

Death is Forming
An Ugly Death
Oh it's such a shame
Feeling Blank Again
Another Person
In The Dark