Monday, January 18, 2010

The Unknown: Spoon - And The Dish Ran Away

Last night I re-watched the first act to Full Metal Jacket. Easily one of the best first acts in a modern film. In fact, the first scene in the barracks may be one of the best scenes written for film...ever. The dialogue is so sharp, it would make Swearingen from Deadwood blush. As brilliant as this film is...when it comes to war films, it seems to never get the wide recognition it deserves. Rabid cinemaniacs adore it...but I can never understand why the mainstream tends to rank it low on the list.

This week sees the release of Spoon's new album Transference. A band who is very well respected...and loved by audiophiles...but never seems to get the mainstream recognition it deserves.

Below is a B-side collection of Spoon's rare tracks from the 00s. Not included are songs from EPs, digital singles, and Britt Daniel's solo work. But this should be everything else. Enjoy...and go buy the new album, you won't be disappointed.

Here is Spoon - And The Dish Ran Away:

1. The Book I Write
2. Carryout Kids
3. All I Got Is Me
4. It Took A Rumor To Make Me Wonder
5. Is This The Last Time
6. Decora
7. Well-Alright
8. Monkey Feelings
9. Shake It Off
10. Tear Me Down
11. Sunday Morning, Wednesday Night
12. Deep Clean
13. I Am The Key
14. In The Right Place The Right Time

Bonus Internet Track:

15. Telamon Bridge

Buy Spoon's new album Transference for only $3.99. That's nothing...that's less than a ringtone. And if I get a good response...I'll post Spoon's super rare demos album "Get Nice" at the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

This is a great post, man! I had all but 2 of these, but it took me YEARS to track them all down. Very nicely done, and a great good morning for a big Spoon fan who can't get the album for another 10 hours!

check me out at MOTOVRESLIFE.BLOGSPOT if you ever get a chance.

Thanks again for the Spoon love!

insertnamehear said...

Unfortunately, the albums not out til next week here in the UK, and i can't purchase off the Amazon US site without an American registered credit card. Oh well :(

Also, where would you recommend starting with Spoon? I've only heard a few songs (Got Nuffin, Turn My Camera on and the way we get by) , but like what I've heard.

acompleteunknown said...

Their strongest album would likely be Gimme Fiction. But they've been a heavily consistent band. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is probably their most user-friendly disc. Very sharp and produced...with a lot of catchy tracks. Enjoy.

Stephanie said...

Sweet! Thanks. Hearing Monkey Feelings for the first time inspired a search for other b-sides, and finding so many in one place made me so happy!

Bought and am loving Transference. I might have to say Kill the Moonlight for my favorite, but this one, Ga x 5, and Gimme Fiction are all SO good.

Kr√ęg said...

Thanks for this.

Were the alternate takes I have for Sister Jack and I Summon You released on an album somewhere?