Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Unknown: Vampire Weekend - Daytrotter Sessions

My kids love new toys. In fact, the newer the toy the better. In fact, the anticipation of getting the toy is almost better than actually getting the toy. In fact, looking at the toy in the store with the anticipation of buying it may be the best feeling to them. About a year ago, my daughter saw this toy in Target and squealed just to see it. So I let her play with the box. She stared at it. Giggled at it. Screamed with excitement. She wanted to open and play with it so bad, I thought she might just explode. Of course, being the loving father, I am, I bought her the toy. She held it in the car the whole way home. Talking to it. Smiling at it. Then we got home. I opened it, took it out of the box. Gave it to her. She looked at it for about 5 seconds, then went to play with something else. She's never touched it again.

What is our obsession with new things? Even as adults we are constantly searching out the next best thing...when at the end of the day...we'd rather go back to an old favorite.

Vampire Weekend's second album, Conta, is out today. Buy it now at our store for only $3.99.

Here is Vampire Weekend's Daytrotter Session:

1. Bryn
2. I Stand Corrected
3. M 79
4. Oxford Comma

Buy Vampire Weekend's new album, Contra. (Only $3.99 this week only! Only!)

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