Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Unknown: Bad Lieutenant - Never Cry Another Tear

For those who don't know. Bad Lieutenant is basically New Order minus Peter Hook. It's Summer on vocals. Morris on drums, and Cunningham (who replaced Gilbert) from Siren's Call. The only new addition is for Hooky's bass.

How unknown is this band? Well...I didn't know they existed and I'm a huge New Order fan. I knew the band broke up...but didn't know the others had reformed. My early review is that this is a solid release. It sounds more like their 80s material than their more recently "electronica-dancy" material. It's not as great as their 80s material...but a solid first step.

Now I can't wait to hear Hooky's new band Freebass.

Track: Twist of Fate

Buy Here: Bad Lieutenant - Never Cry Another Tear

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Janice said...

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