Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By The Band Brad

AC/DC might be geniuses. Their albums sales continue to remain steady while everyone else's have been slipping. The first thought is the reason for that is because they don't sell their music via itunes, etc. They would be wrong. Not selling your music on itunes does not prevent internet downloading. That's not how people trade music. They trade via peer-to-peer networking. But AC/DC has does something brilliant to prevent this. And they did it...over 30 years ago.
AC/DC's masterful move is in their name. It's not the "AC." It's not the "DC." It's the backslash: "/." Computers read the backslash as if it's a piece of programming. They think it means your trying to file something. It can not distinguish between a line of code and a symbol meant as a name of a file. Therefore, it renders many AC/DC files undownable. Smart move guys.
I wonder how long the music industry will take to figure out this basic piece of protection. Looks like Brad did.
Here Are the 11 Best Songs By The Band Brad:

1. Good News (Shame)
2. Some Never Come Home (Interiors)
3. Buttercup (Shame)
4. The Day Brings (Interiors)
5. Screen (Shame)
6. If You Could Make It Good (Welcome To Discovery Park)
7. We (Shame)
8. Secret Girl (Interiors)
9. I Must Confess (Brad vs. Satchel)
10. Brothers and Sisters (Welcome To Discovery Park)
11. Never Let Each Other Down (Welcome To Discovery Park)
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