Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Menomena

I'm tired of Apple people claiming that the ipod and itunes are these two apexes of industrial invention.  I like the ipod...it's a neat device...but perfection?  Far from it.  First of all...the scrolling sucks.  When you have 500 artists on your ipod, there's nothing more irritating than wanting to listen to Zero 7 or Zwan and needing to spend 5 minutes scrolling through the entire alphabet.

But I think itunes takes the cake when it comes to pure moronic development.  Why?  There's no play button.  Yes, I know there's a play button at the top of the screen.  But that's useless.  Why is there no play button next to each song?  I mean...that's a no brainer, right?  Currently, when I want to play a song, I have to double-click on that song.  And what happens?  Does the song play?  No.  Itunes thinks I'm trying to change the name of the song and brings up a form box.  So then I have to click out of that without accidentally altering the name of the song.  Then find a blank portion to double-click on.  You know what would be easier???  A PLAY BUTTON.  To play music!!!  How could you not include that???

Genius?  No, but don't tell then Apple people that.  They're too busy waiting hours at the Genius Bar to get their perfect computer fixed.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Menomena:

1.  Evil Bee (Friend or Foe)
2.  Wet and Rusting (Friend or Foe)
3.  Twenty Cell Revolt (I Am The Fun Blame Monster!)
4.  Cough Coughing (I Am The Fun Blame Monster!)
5.  My My (Friend or Foe)
6.  Rotten Hell (Friend or Foe)
7.  Pilgrim's Progess (Record Store Day 2010)
8.  Strongest Man In The World (I Am The Fun Blame Monster!)
9.  Copius (Double Seven Inch)
10.  Muscle N' Flo (Friend or Foe)
11.  Polo (Wet and Rusting EP)

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Deimyts said...

To be fair, you can cause itunes to play a song by hitting the space bar. It's certainly not the best program out there, and it works better on its native platform, but I've never encountered a music player with a play button next to every song. It seems like that would waste valuable screen real estate without actually adding very much usability, when you can do essentially the same thing with a single button, or the space bar, or a double click. the pop-up edit boxes are annoying, though. I can only ever get them to come up when I don't want them to. Thanks for the song post, anyway! A friend just turned me on to Menomena.