Monday, August 16, 2010

The Unknown: Arcade Fire - Dark Prayer

I'm not sure there was anything more gratifying than reading last week, that not only did the Arcade Fire have the number one album (The Suburbs) on Billboard's Top 200, but they knocked Eminem out of the top spot to do it. I like Eminem. But this ousting is significant. It's symbolic. It's a glowing neon sign. It goes to show that people want more than what the big labels are shoveling down their throats. Eminem, the number one selling artist of the 2000s, was booted out of the top spot by an indie rock band. He wasn't beaten by another band on another major label. He was beaten by an long-term establish hit maker. He wasn't beaten by a awful American Idol artist. He was beaten by a respected band on a dingy label that has no money for publicity or promotion. That is lucky to get any radio play. That doesn't even know how to spell "auto-tune."

Wake up labels. Pay attention to what people want...not what you want them to want.

In celebration, here's an Arcade Fire Rarities Collection.

Here is Arcade Fire - Dark Prayer:

1. This Must Be The Place
2. Broken Window
3. Cold Wind
4. Brazil
5. Surf City Eastern Bloc
6. Poupee de Cire
7. Lenin
8. No Cars Go
9. Born On A Train
10. Guns of Brixton
11. My Buddy (by Alvino Rey)

Buy The Arcade Fire's new album, The Suburbs, now! (Still an affordable $7.99) Do it for no more reason than to stick it to the man.


Unknown said...

Was hoping u might be interested in featuring my recent remix of Arcade Fire - Sprawl (Flatland).

In comparison to some remixes I'm hearing on hypemachine, I think it is rather good and am just looking to get it out there for the World to hear!

Please feature should you enjoy the track! It's on soundcloud.....

Alternatively I can send over the mp3 via email

Catch me at if ur interested.


Unknown said...

Oh and my Johnny Cash 'Hurt' Remix - risky but effective - had great feedback so far!

I'm in the process of trying to contact some folks to get this legally released without harming/offending any of Johnny Cash's relatives or his name.....

Please feature tho should u enjoy it....


The Poupee de Cire cover is fantastic. Thanks for the vinyl rip!!

J. Paul said...


Thanks for sending the info about your remixes.

I never really feature stuff like that on the site. You're more than welcome to post it in the comment section though.

Unknown said...

I don't know anyone who likes AF and eminem, so you are the first.

Where did you get these rarities? Where can I get them--your links seem to be down.