Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Jay Bennett + FREE NEW ALBUM!!

I was very excited to hear that there was a practically completed Jay Bennett album left behind by Jay.  Not that that's good news when I'd much rather have Jay still around turning out some extremely heartfelt tunes.  As much as Jeff Tweedy was the soul of Wilco, Bennett was the heart.  Usually when a winning combo like this break apart...the amount of good material dwindles.  That's not true in this case.  Wilco's last album is amazing...and Jay's music was getting progressively better with every release.  It's too bad he never got the respect he deserved.  Hopefully in death he has a new life.

For now...get his new album...Kicking the Perfumed Air...for FREE!!  That's right...FREE.

Click on the link.  Get the album.  Leave a donation behind.  Then spread the word to your friends.  Everyone loves free music.  And it's all legal.

Here are the 11 Best Songs by Jay Bennett:

1. The Engines Are Idle (Whatever Happened I Apologize)

2. Replace You (Magnificent Defeat)

3. Talk To Me (The Palace at 4AM)

4. Thank You (Magnificent Defeat)

5. C.T.M. (The Palace at 4AM)

6. Hank (Whatever Happened I Apologize)

7. God's Coffee (Bigger Than Blue)

8. 5th Grade (Magnificent Defeat)

9. My Wicked Little One (Bigger Than Blue)

10. Puzzle Heart (The Palace at 4AM)

11. Pretty Good Year (The Beloved Enemy)

Get Jay Bennett's new album Kicking The Perfumed Air...FOR FREE!!!

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