Monday, February 07, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Cut Copy

Yesterday the Black-Eyed Peas played the Superbowl.  Despite what every talk show said...most people I know...if not every one I know, hated the halftime show.  Sure it was a great visual display, but it completely took you out of the game.  I spent two hours watching modern day gladiators rip each other hearts out, and then I have pause for a half hour and watch the IceCapades. It totally broke the momentum of the game.  Even though the second half was exciting, it was really difficult to get back into it because most people had been lulled to sleep.  In fact at our Super Bowl party, at halftime, we went from about 90 people to about 40 people at the start of the 3rd quarter.  We later found out that a few people left because they thought the game was over!!

Good job Super Bowl producers.  Good job.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Cut Copy:

1.  Hearts On Fire (In Ghost Colours)
2.  Strangers In The Wind (In Ghost Colours)
3.  Time Stand Still (Bright Lights Neon Lights)
4.  Lights & Music (In Ghost Colours)
5.  Out There On Thin Ice (In Ghost Colours)
6.  Future (Bright Lights Neon Lights)
7.  Bright Neon Payphone (Bright Lights Neon Lights)
8.  Nobody Lost, Nobody Found (In Ghost Colours)
9.  Far Away (In Ghost Colours)
10.  A Dream (Bright Lights Neon Lights)
11.  Feel The Love (In Ghost Colours)

Buy Cut Copy's new album,!!!


Deoxymoron said...

Dont suppose you have an 11 best songs by pulp on the way anytime soon?

Unknown said...

Great List! Now I know which songs to definitely buy. If I had to add a 12th I think I'd go with Zap Zap. But really good list and a great band!

Ben said...

Glad you included 'Far Away''s an underrated song.