Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Sonic Youth of the 00s:

Sonic Youth never had a hit single.  They never had a hit album.  They never had a hit video.  They never tune their guitars.  They have never had their albums produced by Timberland.  They have never played Saturday Night Live.  They have never hired the paparazzi to chase them around for a pre-planned nip slip.  They have never tried to make a commercial album.  They have never tried to write a radio hit.  They have never sold out.  They have never cashed in.  They have done every single thing that a successful rock band is supposed to do.  Yet, the band is now entering into their 30th year.  They have lasted longer than 99% their mainstream contemporaries.  They have lasted longer than 99% of their critics.  They have lasted 99% longer than everyone at every record label who rejected them or told them they would never make it in the business, playing music their own way.  Popularity can be productive, but longevity is earned.  A pop artist who is only as good as the people around only good when there are people around them.  Sonic Youth has proven you don't need anyone when you have talent.

The 11 Best Songs By Sonic Youth:

1.      Stones (Sonic Nurse)
2.      What We Know (The Eternal)
3.      New Hampshire (Sonic Nurse)
4.      The Empty Page (Murray Street)
5.      Sleeping Around (Rather Ripped)
6.      Poison Arrow (The Eternal)
7.      Dude Ranch Nurse (Sonic Nurse)
8.      Reena (Rather Ripped)
9.      Pattern Recognition (Murray Street)
10.  Anti-Orgasm (The Eternal)
11.  Incinerate (Rather Ripped)

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Chris said...

This is more a response to your poll.
I read your blog even when I don't care about the band you're featuring, its great social and musical commentary.

Jonathan Q Arnold said...

Good list, but Pattern Recognition is off of Sonic Nurse NOT Murray Street

pinkie said...

Couldn't have put it better meself...a band I'll always believe in - no sellout for them...I'd put my life on it ;)

Agnostic Monk said...

Star Power - that is one of the best Sonic Youth songs.