Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By The Dears

Believe it or not...I don't really have an opinion on Justin Bieber.  I'm not a big pop music fan, so I don't really pay him mind either way.  But one thing, I will say, is that I've lived long enough to see plenty of Justin Biebers explode onto the scene only to fizzle away.  Remember the Jonas Brothers?  Hanson?  How's 98 Degrees career going?  But that's the shelf life of a pop music star.  Very very few male pop stars make it past the age of 25.  It's just a fact.  Once you're not cute and cuddly anymore, you're done.

What seems to be different this time is the fanatics behind the Bieber movement.  Every one says that Bieber fans are nuts, bordering on psychotic.  But are Bieber fans any different than any other crazed fans that have come before them...or is it that they now have an extrememly public outlet that other fans of the past didn't have?  I remember back in high school, I made a joke about the singer, Tiffany.  Some rabid Tiffany fan threatened to stab me in the heart if I ever said anything bad about her again.

I give Bieber 3 years.  And that's not because I don't like the kid...he is just a kid.  But when you come out huge...there's no where to go but down.

Here Are the 11 Best Songs By The Dears:

1.  Lost in the Plot (No Cities Left)
2.  Ballad of Human Kindness (Gang Of Losers)
3.  Crisis 1 &2 (Missiles)
4.  Bandwagoners (Gang Of Losers)
5.  Raise the Dead (Gang Of Losers B-Side)
6.  Lights Off  (Missiles)
7.  End of A Hollywood Bedtime Story (End of A Hollywood Bedtime Story)
8.  Threats  (Missiles)
9.  Pinned Together, Falling Apart (No Cities Left)
10.  This Is A Broadcast (End of A Hollywood Bedtime Story)
11.  Summer of Protest (Summer of Protest EP)

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