Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By G. Love

I'm getting sick of Rihanna.  Strangely, she's one of the few pop stars I can actually tolerate.  And I assume, I'm not the only one who feels the same way.  She performed twice at the Grammy's...a task that not even Mick Jagger has ever performed.  One week later, she was the half-time show at the NBA Allstar game.  Are there really no other great pop stars out there today to perform the half-time show at the NBA Allstar game?  Beyonce was sitting there with Jay-Z...they couldn't have pulled her up on stage?

And why does it half to be pop?  Why not a rock star?  Why not G. Love?  The guy does more basketball influenced songs than anyone else out there.  He's your biggest promoter next to Nike.  Give the guy a shot.

Twenty years in, G. Love is a tireless blues enthusiast.  He paved the way for Jack Johson, The White Stripes and the Black Keys, who in turn paved the way for Mumford & Sons and The Avett Brothers, who in turn have produced G. Love's new album.  BTW Jack White...G. Love did a Coca Cola commercial first.

Here are the 11 Best Solo Songs By G. Love:

1.  Don't Drop It (The Hustle)
2.  Ain't That Right (Lemonade)
3.  Rainbow (Lemonade)
4.  The Fishing Song (The Hustle)
5.  Hot Cookin' (Lemonade)
6.  Back of the Bus (The Hustle)
7.  Sauce (Oh Yeah)
8.  Yeah Yeah (Lemonade)
9.  Breakin' Up (Lemonade)
10.  Greatest Hits (Look At All the Love We've Found)
11.  Rhyme For the Summertime (Oh Yeah)

Get G. Love's new solo album, Fixin' To Die (produced by the Avett Bros.)

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Chris said...

My fiance and I were at our local record shop and they were playing the new G. Love. Now I'm not a G. Love fan in any respect really, but this album sounds crazy good. Especially after the craptastic superhero brother thing, I don't remember what was called but we bought it on vinyl at FYE cause it was like 5 bucks and she has a love for cold beverage, I think she also digs lemonade. Oh, and we of course bought Fixin' to Die.