Saturday, September 24, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By The Jayhawks

The Jayhawks are the perfect example of the bands we don't know we love until they're gone.  I remember when they came out in the 90s.  They were a cool filler in between Uncle Tupelo and Archers of Loaf.  But they were never the band you stayed tuned to listen for.  Though they had a very prosperous 90s...they were always fighting against the trends of garage grunge, adrenaline-charged rap-rock, and effervescent pop.  Then they went on a hiatus and sadly, no one really noticed...until a new breed of folk hero took over.  So much of the modern folk sound shared a lot with the Jayhawks alt country swagger that all of a sudden they were missed.  Today, the sounds of the Jayhawks fits all too squarely on the pulse of our musical ear.  Their signature sound is comforting and the return of the band is certainly welcome.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Jayhawks:

1.  It's Up To You (Sound of Lies)
2.  I'd Run Away (Tomorrow The Green Grass)
3.  Two Angels (Blue Earth)
4.  Waiting for the Sun (Hollywood Town Hall)
5.  Somewhere in Ohio (Smile)
6.  Save It For A Rainy Day (Rainy Day Music)
7.  People in this Place on Every Side (The Jayhawks)
8.  Eyes of Sarah Jane (Rainy Day Music)
9.  Real Light (Tomorrow The Green Grass)
10.  Martin's Song (Hollywood Town Hall)
11.  Bad Time (Tomorrow The Green Grass)

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Théo said...

I used to see them at the Uptown Bar in Minneapolis in the early 1990s and in LA later on. Their first album, Bunkhouse aka The Jayhawks, is easy to get now, and all the tracks on it could be in their top 20, IMHO. Especially Falling Star, Tried and True Love and Six Pack on the Dashboard.

Unknown said...

"You Look So Young" and "Falling Down Like Rain" are my two favorites.