Thursday, September 22, 2011

The 111 Best Songs By R.E.M.

Alternative Trendsetters.  Rock N Roll Legends.  American Icons.

January 1980 - September 2011

Here are the 111 Best Songs By R.E.M.:
  1. Country Feedback (Out of Time)
  2. These Days (Life's Rich Pageant) 
  3. Losing My Religion (Out of Time)
  4. Harborcoat (Reckoning)
  5. Pretty Persuasion (Reckoning)
  6. Driver 8 (Fables of Reconstruction)
  7. The One I Love (Document)
  8. Orange Crush (Green)
  9. Talk About the Passion (Murmur)
  10. Begin The Begin (Life's Rich Pageant) 
  11. Radio Free Europe (Murmur)
  12. So. Central Rain (Reckoning)
  13. It's The End of the World As We Know It (Document)
  14. Carnival of Sorts (Chronic Town)
  15. Texarkana (Out of Time)
  16. Pop Song 89 (Green)
  17. I Believe (Life's Rich Pageant) 
  18. West of the Fields (Murmur)
  19. Hyena (Life's Rich Pageant) 
  20. Leave (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  21. Drive (Automatic For The People)
  22. Wolves, Lower (Chronic Town)
  23. Moral Kiosk (Murmur)
  24. Catapult (Murmur)
  25. Gardening At Night (Chronic Town) 
  26. Fall On Me (Life's Rich Pageant)
  27. Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Accelerate) 
  28. Finest Worksong (Document)
  29. Low (Out of Time)
  30. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (Reckoning)
  31. Uberlin (Collapse Into Now)
  32. World Leader Pretend (Green)
  33. Man-Sized Wreath (Accelerate) 
  34. Get Up (Green)
  35. Bad Day (Life's Rich Pageant Deluxe Edition)
  36. Ignoreland (Automatic For The People)
  37. Little America (Reckoning)
  38. Wake Up Bomb (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  39. Can't Get There From Here (Fables of Reconstruction)
  40. Life and How To Live It (Fables of Reconstruction)
  41. All The Best (Collapse Into Now)
  42. Superman (Life's Rich Pageant) 
  43. How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  44. Supernatural Serious (Accelerate)
  45. Walk Unafraid (Up)
  46. 9-9 (Murmur)
  47. Final Straw (Around The Sun)
  48. Departure (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  49. Circus Envy (Monster)
  50. The Apologist (Up)
  51. Accelerate (Accelerate)
  52. King of Comedy (Monster)
  53. Man on the Moon (Automatic For The People)
  54. Oddfellows Local 151 (Document)
  55. Half A World Away (Out of Time)
  56. I'm Gonna DJ (Accelerate)
  57. Bang and Blame (Monster)
  58. All The Right Friends (In Time)
  59. So Fast, So Numb (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  60. Mine Smell Like Honey (Collapse Into Now)
  61. Monty Got A Raw Deal (Automatic For The People)
  62. Crazy (Dead Letter Office)
  63. Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter (Collapse Into Now)
  64. Leaving New York (Around The Sun)
  65. Binky the Doormat (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  66. Horse To Water (Accelerate)
  67. First We Take Manhattan (Drive)
  68. Someone Is You (Collapse Into Now)
  69. At My Most Beautiful (Up)
  70. Crush With Eyeliner (Monster)
  71. Revolution (Batman & Robin)
  72. Swan Swan H (Life's Rich Pageant) 
  73. Ages of You (Dead Letter Office)
  74. Lotus (Up)
  75. Try Not To Breathe (Automatic For The People)
  76. 1,000,000 (Chronic Town)
  77. The Outsiders (Around The Sun)
  78. Sitting Still (Murmur)
  79. Discoverer (Collapse Into Now)
  80. Just A Touch (Life's Rich Pageant) 
  81. Cuyahoga (Life's Rich Pageant) 
  82. Imitation of Life (Reveal)
  83. Second Guessing (Reckoning)
  84. Bittersweet Me (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  85. E-Bow The Letter (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  86. Find The River (Automatic For The People)
  87. I'll Take the Rain (Reveal)
  88. Stumble (Chronic Town)
  89. Houston (Accelerate)
  90. Star 69 (Monster)
  91. Suspicion (Up)
  92. Animal (In Time)
  93. Maps and Legands (Fables of Reconstruction)
  94. Burning Down (Dead Letter Office)
  95. The Great Beyond (Man on the Moon Soundtrack)
  96. Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight (Automatic For The People)
  97. Everybody Hurts (Automatic For The People)
  98. #9 Dream (Instant Karma)
  99. Shaking Through (Murmur)
  100. Radio Song (Out of Time)
  101. Mystery To Me (And I Feel Fine...)
  102. Electron Blue (Around The Sun)
  103. Undertow (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)
  104. Fretless (Until The End of the World)
  105. Disturbance At Heron House (Document)
  106. Hope (Up)
  107. Feel Gravity's Pull (Fables of Reconstruction)
  108. She Just Wants To Be (Reveal)
  109. Welcome to The Occupation (Document)
  110. Fireplace (Document)
  111. Throw Those Trolls Away (Fables of Reconstruction Deluxe Edition)
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theendoftv said...

Remix in tribute to REM, Michael Stipe ... and Social TV.

Brendan Barry said...

Nightswimming Got a Raw Deal.