Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Grizzly Bear

Getting used to technology may be our biggest downfall.  Cellphones have become more important to us then some of our limbs.  Do we need two pinky toes?  This past week, I've been without my smart phone and regulated to a ancient-style phone.  Texting on this phone is more time consuming than writing a letter. There's nothing worse than have to hit the 6 button five times just to type the word "no."  Being without internet access on the fly is sadly tragic. Not being able to change my fantasy football roster while listening to the new Grizzly Bear when I'm in the grocery store makes me feel like I'm living in the dark ages...or worse...the 70s.  I've become sickly attached to Angry Birds, Temple Run, Netflix, Scramble, and Where's My Perry?  (Where's My Water is so six months ago).

The good thing is, I have found myself more attentive to the things that my Wii and downloading music.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Grizzly Bear:
  1. Knife (Yellow House)
  2. Foreground (Veckatimest)
  3. Two Weeks (Veckatimest)
  4. On A Neck, On A Spit (Yellow House)
  5. While You Wait For The Others (Veckatimest)
  6. Deep Sea Diver (Horn of Plenty)
  7. Cheerleader (Veckatimest)
  8. Easier (Yellow House)
  9. Southern Point (Veckatimest)
  10. Don't Ask (Horn of Plenty)
  11. He Hit Me (Friend EP)
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