Saturday, September 29, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Lupe Fiasco

Last weekend I went to Magic Mountain with my daughter.  Even at 7, she's obsessed with roller coasters.  I hadn't been in 15 years and wasn't sure what to expect.  We went on some of the coasters (like Superman, Goliath, and Lex Luther) that were bigger and more life threatening than anything they ever had when I was kid...and these were only the rides she was big enough to go on.    I can't even fathom the next level of rides when she grows another 6 inches.  We went on some of the old rides that were there when I was kid.  She hated them for not being intense well as being old and falling apart.  I felt nostalgic being on the old rides...but found myself as disappointed as she was.  Magic Mountain is smart because with every new coaster, they are re-inventing themselves...taking amusement parks to the next level.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Lupe Fiasco:
  1. Just Might Be OK (Food & Liquor)
  2. State Run Radio (Lasers)
  3. The Instrumental (Food & Liquor)
  4. And He Gets The Girl (Da Exam)
  5. Coming Up (Lasers)
  6. Hurt Me Soul (Food & Liquor)
  7. Kick Push (Food & Liquor)
  8. Daydreamin' (Food & Liquor)
  9. Til I Get There (Lasers)
  10. Letting Go (Lasers)
  11. Superstar (The Cool)
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