Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Jamie XX

It's the first weekend of football and everyone is freaking out.  The Redskins upset the Saints.  Dallas beat the Giants.  Broncos beat the Steelers.  The Niners beat the Packers...in Lambeau!  This happens every year.  A bunch of mediocre teams have crazy upset wins and the fanbase goes crazy.  Sure, it's a great thing to get the first win out of the gates but you can't tell anything by the first week of games.  Just because one team has a stellar debut doesn't mean they're a front runner for a Super Bowl run.  The first week is the worst week to tell a team's prognosis.  The real assessment of a team's quality is their longevity over an entire season.  It's the second week when true colors start to show.

Here are the 11 Best Songs Featuring Jamie xx:
  1. Islands (The xx)
  2. Crystalised (The xx)
  3. VCR (The xx)
  4. You've Got The Love Rework (Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love)
  5. Teardrops (The xx Bonus Track)
  6. Intro (The xx)
  7. I'll Take Care Of You (Gil Scot Heron - We're New Here)
  8. Bloom Rework Part 3 (Radiohead - TK08)
  9. Shelter (The xx)
  10. My Cloud (Gil Scot Heron - We're New Here)
  11. Far Nearer (Far Nearer/Beat For)  
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