Friday, October 04, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Kaskade

In the 90s, there was no one who annoyed the crap out of me more than Sinead O'Connor.  So, when she stormed into the fray this week to teach Miley Cyrus a lesson, she was the last person I expected to perfectly word how everyone was feeling about Miley's bizarre debacle.  Sinead is no princess.  She pushed plenty of boundaries and did some dumb ass shit.  From ripping up the picture of the Pope on SNL to her fight with Madonna and the Catholic church.  So, if Sinead is writing a letter telling you that your behavior is out of line then you better fucking listen.  At this point, there's really only one person who can stop Miley Cyrus:  Mickey Mouse.  Since the Mouse gave her her start, then he needs to be the one to pull her aside and get her in line.  All he needs to do is show her a video of Jett Jackson's "suicide" from a secret camera and I'm sure that will shut her up for a long time.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Kaskade:

  1. I Remember (Strobelight Seduction)
  2. Eyes (Fire & Ice)
  3. Say It's Over (Dynasty)
  4. Be Still (Love Mysterious)
  5. Room for Happiness (Fire & Ice)
  6. Turn It Down (Fire & Ice)
  7. Empty Streets (Dynasty)
  8. Back On You (Strobelight Seduction)
  9. Never Ending (Love Mysterious)
  10. Angel on My Shoulder (Strobelight Seduction)
  11. Dynasty (Dynasty)
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