Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Unknown: The Head and the Heart

The sophomore slump is a brutal undiscriminating fate that can befall any band.  My most anticipated sophomore album of the year was Yuck's "Glow & Behold."  It failed to fulfill any of my expectations. This album is so band I had to double check to make sure I was listening to the right band.  In 2011, Yuck had my favorite album of the year.  This year, Yuck's album ranks dead last on my list of 150 albums from 2013 behind such stellar musical bowel movements including Jack Johnson's snoozefest, MGMT's bad drug trip and Snoop Lion's tribute to weed.  The Naked and Famous' new album (another highly anticipated sophomore offering) skimmed by but just barely.  Now it's the The Head and The Heart's turn to prove that their rookie year was no fluke.  It's early but I'm hopeful. They put out some big shoes to fill on their debut album, I just hope they can fill one of them this time out.

Rivers and Roads

Buy The Head and The Heart's new album, Let's Be!

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