Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Unknown: HAIM

Female rock groups have always been in short supply.  For every Patti Smyth there's a hundred Chad Kroegers.  And that many Chads Kroegers is never a good thing. It feels like musical men have forgotten what it takes to wield a guitar and kick some ass.  It's like dancing in the moonlight is better than barking at the moon.  Well, maybe it's time for the women to take over rambling on.  HAIM has arrived to show us exactly how it's done.  With Jett's love of rock n' roll and Ford's deadly kiss, HAIM hit like Benatar's best shot.  The lyrics ooze with wit and wild.  The music pounds with hook and slammers.  These girls have come to take over the rock crown and this time it's the men who will be sitting in the back seat.

PS.  I'm working on getting my music hosting fixed.  They changed my password and now I can't remember it.  Good times.

Buy HAIM's new album, Days Are Gone...now!!!

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