Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Cage The Elephant

With a rip and tear, CTE has brought some wild native enthusiasm back to rock music.  From the Cobain scratchy howl that bellows from larynx of lead singer Matthew Schultz to the thrust in gut from the raunchy romp of the guitars wielded by the one-two punch of Parish-Schultz (Brad), Cage embodies all the ferocity that ever rippled out of Seattle while serving it up in a rocket launched out of the heart of LA's sunset strip.  There's monstrous thumps and murky grumbles.  It's scarring and refreshing.  And their live show is packed with so much energy, they could power a small town in the midwest.  Let's be realistic, a very small town.  While the promise of the Arctic Monkeys faded while they matured, Cage The Elephant is accelerating at enjoying their immaturity.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Cage The Elephant:
  1. James Brown (Cage The Elephant)
  2. In One Ear (Cage The Elephant)
  3. Aberdeen (Thank You Happy Birthday)
  4. Tiny Little Robots (Cage The Elephant)
  5. Shake Me Down (Thank You Happy Birthday)
  6. Soil To The Sun (Cage The Elephant)
  7. Right Before My Eyes (Thank You Happy Birthday)
  8. Ain't No Rest for The Wicked (Cage The Elephant)
  9. Always Something (Thank You Happy Birthday)
  10. Sabertooth Tiger (Thank You Happy Birthday)
  11. Back Against The Wall (Cage The Elephant)
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Rachel S said...

Can we add "Come A Little Closer" to this?? That'd be great... haha