Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The 111 Best Songs By Pearl Jam

The only grunge rock band to survive the 90s, 00s, and is still in tact in the teens.  For 22 years Pearl Jam is still with us, still strong, and still owning the game.  Here's a look back at what they've done for us so far.

This list contains all their material from their main releases not including any of the official live albums or live bootlegs.  The only live songs included (a couple) are from the Christmas Singles or from part of a compilation.

Here are the 111 Best Songs By Pearl Jam:
  1. Black (Ten)
  2. Porch (Ten)
  3. Rearviewmirror (Vs.)
  4. Not For You (Vitalogy)
  5. Alive (Ten)
  6. Even Flow (Ten)
  7. Once (Ten)
  8. Corduroy (Vitalogy)
  9. Animal (Vs.)
  10. Jeremy (Ten)
  11. I Got Shit (Merkin Ball)
  12. State of Love and Trust (Singles Soundtrack)
  13. Indifference (Vs.)
  14. Immortality (Vitalogy)
  15. Garden (Ten)
  16. Do The Evolution (Yield) 
  17. Daughter (Vs.)
  18. Yellow Ledbetter (Jeremy) 
  19. Release (Ten)
  20. Got Some (Backspacer)
  21. Insignificance (Binaural)
  22. Sonic Reducer (Christmas Single 1992)
  23. Last Exit (Vitalogy)
  24. The Fixer (Backspacer)
  25. Breath and a Scream (Singles Soundtrack)
  26. Hail, Hail (No Code)
  27. Small Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (Vs.)
  28. Better Man (Vitalogy)
  29. Johnny Guitar (Backspacer)
  30. Smile (No Code)
  31. MFC (Yield)
  32. Nothingman (Vitalogy)
  33. God's Dice (Binaural)
  34. Unthought Known (Backspacer)
  35. W.M.A. (Vs.)
  36. Brain of J. (Yield)
  37. Crazy Mary (Sweet Relief Tribute)
  38. In My Tree (No Code)
  39. Rats (Vs.)
  40. Grievance (Binaural)
  41. Last Kiss (Christmas Single 1998)
  42. Save You (Riot Act)
  43. Leash (Vs.)
  44. Unemployed (Pearl Jam)
  45. Why Go (Ten)
  46. World Wide Suicide (Pearl Jam)
  47. Long Road (Merkin Ball)
  48. All Or None (Riot Act)
  49. Go (Vs.)
  50. Inside Job (Pearl Jam)
  51. Crown of Thorns (Pearl Jame Twenty)
  52. Spin The Black Circle (Vitalogy)
  53. Mankind (No Code)
  54. Sad (Lost Dogs)
  55. Force of Nature (Backspacer)
  56. Thin Air (Binaural)
  57. Whipping (Vitalogy)
  58. Ghost (Riot Act)
  59. Nothing As It Seems (Binaural)
  60. Red Mosquito (No Code)
  61. Breakerfall (Binaural)
  62. Get Right (Riot Act)
  63. Dissident (Vs.)
  64. Thumbing My Way (Riot Act)
  65. Fatal (Lost Dogs)
  66. Satan's Bed (Vitalogy)
  67. Given To Fly (Yield)
  68. Green Disease (Riot Act)
  69. Deep (Ten)
  70. Army Reserve (Pearl Jam)
  71. In Hiding (Yield)
  72. Light Years (Binaural)
  73. Strangest Tribe (Christmas Single 1999)
  74. Man of The Hour (Big Fish Soundtrack)
  75. You Are (Riot Act)
  76. Brother (Ten Reissue)
  77. Can't Keep (Riot Act)
  78. Habit (No Code)
  79. Love Reign O'er Me (Reign Over Me)
  80. Glorified G (Vs.)
  81. Life Wasted (Pearl Jam)
  82. Supersonic (Backspacer)
  83. Ole (Ole)
  84. Severed Hand (Pearl Jam)
  85. Low Light (Yield)
  86. Other Side (Save You)
  87. Cropduster (Riot Act)
  88. Gone (Pearl Jam)
  89. Just Breathe (Backspacer)
  90. Someday At Christmas (Christmas Single 2004)
  91. Lukin (No Code)
  92. Comatose (Pearl Jam)
  93. Faithful (Yield) 
  94. Wash (Alive)
  95. Leaving Here (Home Alive)
  96. Hold On (Lost Dogs)
  97. Gonna See My Friend (Backspacer)
  98. Hard To Imagine (Chicago Cab)
  99. I Am Mine (Riot Act)
  100. Down (I Am Mine)
  101. I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Christmas Single 2000)
  102. Come Back (Pearl Jam)
  103. Off He Goes (No Code)
  104. Undone (I Am Mine)
  105. Footsteps (Jeremy)
  106. Love Boat Captain (Riot Act)
  107. No Way (Yield)
  108. Alone (Go)
  109. Wishlist (Yield)
  110. Santa Cruz (Christmas Single 2008)
  111. I've Got A Feeling (Alive)

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