Saturday, September 09, 2006

The 11 Best Rage Against The Machine Songs

This week saw the release of Audioslave's third album. Though amazing that this side-project/supergroup (conprised of Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden) would have made it through 3 albums...what's more amazing, is that in a mere 3 years the band has managed to record more original songs that Rage Against The Machine recorded in their entire 10 year career. (RATM's 4th album was all covers) Don't believe me? Go look it up. And while you're doing that...

Here are the The 11 Best Rage Against The Machine Songs:

1. Killing In the Name of... (unedited version) - Rage Against the Machine
2. Bulls on Parade - Evil Empire
3. Guerilla Radio - The Battle of Los Angeles
4. Know your Enemy- Rage Against the Machine
5. Bombtrack - Mark Goodier "Evening Sessions"
6. People of the Sun - Evil Empire
7. Sleep Now In The Fire - The Battle of Los Angeles
8. Bullet in the Head (remix) - Bombtrack (limited edition EP)
9. Down Rodeo - Evil Empire
10. Testify - The Battle of Los Angeles
11. Hadda Been Playing on the Jukebox - Live and Rare

and one cover...

1. Fuck da Police (live) MP3

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Jonathan Porter said...

"Year of the boomerang" originally on the Higher Learning soundtrack always caught my attention. Also, the song they did on The Crow soundtrack called "Darkness" was pretty dope too