Friday, September 15, 2006

The 11 Best Everclear Songs

Yes, that's right, I'm blogging about Everclear. And believe it or not, there was a time when they didn't suck. I'm serious. It was a brief moment in time...but there was a time. I swear. Sure, lead singer, Art was about 50 years old....sure, they lied about where they were from...Seatlle, LA, San Diego...sure, they sounded like a knock-off of every grunge band that came before them...but you cannot escape the fact they wrote a handful of some very excellent rock songs. Basically, you have to look at Everclear as the cool guy in high school who graduated and went on to work in a 7-11. For four years, he was the coolest thing since sliced bread. And since, you'd prefer to avoid him like the ebola virus. But during high school...well, here's to looking back.

The 11 Best Everclear Songs:

1. Heroine Girl (Sparkle and Fade)
2. The Swing (Scream 2)
3. So Much For the Afterglow (So Much For The Afterglow)
4. Our Lips Are Sealed (Radio Promo) MP3
5. You Make Me Feel Like A Whore (Sparkle and Fade)
6. Electra Made Me Blind (Sparkle and Fade)
7. Sparkle (World of Noise)
8. Everything To Everyone (So Much For The Afterglow)
9. I Want To Die A Beautiful Death (Slow Motion Daydream)
10. Local God (Romeo + Juliet)
11. My Sexual Life (Sparkle and Fade)


mita said...

I always preferred Sponge as my generic post-grunge band of choice, but this post does bring back some memories haha.

The Evil Uncle said...

Good post - everclear got a bit cheesy by the end (ahem Song from an american movie) but songs like the swing, what do i get, amphetamine, heroine girl and snata monica were ace. Everyone should check out the albums 'sparkle and fade' and 'so much for the afterglow'

Quakeboy said...

i like "wonderful"

Anonymous said...

"Sparkle" is legit. And a tad ironic one could argue.
But I still love Everclear anyway. (:

justme said...

Sparkle and Fade and So Much for the Afterglow were great albums. They had a few good songs after that (Rock Star, AM Radio), but the peak was past.

Art ended up in Bankruptcy Court afew years after Songs from an American Radio and he had to sign over all his rights to the back catalogue.

But in a utshell, they were one of the better bands to come along after Nirvana, to whom they were constantly compared as they were a similarly composed band with songs that covered similar topics.

Chris Vasquez said...

wheres father of mine