Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The 11 Best At The Drive-In Songs

Not since the Sex Pistols has a band met stardom with a "middle finger in the face" break-up. It was kind of like the opening scene in Cliffhanger when Stallone drops the girl to her death. Right when you get into the movie, it goes in an entirely different direction. Just like ATDI, who broke up right as they finally received mainstream success they deserved. The members went onto form two bands: Sparta and Mars Volta (who release a new CD today). ATDI played frantic, high-speed songs, pulsating with kinectic-laden energy that left listeners out of breath. Their career was short but the legacy they left behind is a strong one.

Here are the 11 Best At The Drive-In Songs

1. Chanbara (In Casino Out)
2. One Armed Scissor (Relationship of Command)
3. Proxima Centauri (Vaya)
4. Pattern Against User (Relationship of Command)
5. Rascuache (Vaya)
6. Sleepwalk Capsules (Relationship of Command)
7. For Now..We Toast (In Casino Out)
8. Extracirricular (Relationship of Command B-Side) MP3
9. Arcarsenal (Relationship of Command)
10. Porfirio Diaz (Acrobatic Tenement)
11. The Night Has Opened My Eyes (This Station Is Non-Operational)


B said...

Yeah, kinda disappoonted in this list. "Hourglass" is one of their best (and the only one that Jim Ward sings), and "Give It A Name" off of El Gran Orgo should be on there, but I still give props to anybody giving props to ATDI. Keep up the good work man.


jlovesyou1986 said...

list is ok.. But no Napoleon Solo or 198d O.O

Derrick said...

You can probably pick and choose 30 songs.