Thursday, September 07, 2006

The 11 Hottest Indie Rock Albums Coming Out in Fall 2006

Indie Rock may serve as the last arena of good music. Uninhibited by money and fame, it's just a bunch of musicians trying to make good music. And the results tend to me far more satisfactory than their major label counterparts.

Here are the 11 Hottest Indie Rock Albums Coming Out in Fall 2006:

1. TV On the Radio - Cookie Mountain (9/12) - Already out in the UK, it's being touted as the album of the year across the boards. (Quality Potential: 90%)
2. Clinic - Visitations (10/17) - Their last release was a letdown after Walking With Thee received so much praise. On their newest album, they are aiming to go back to their roots. (Quality Potential: 45%)
3. Yo La Tengo - I'm Not Afraid of You (9/12) - Anytime these guys release an album, it's an event for vinyl playing audiophiles everywhere. (Quality Potential: 65%)
4. The Rapture - Piece of the People We Love (9/12) - Dance rock hooligans are back for hijinxs. Press play and hilarity ensues. (Quality Potential: 75%)
5. Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire (9/26) - Almost 10 years since a proper album release. Will he follow in his father's or mother's footsteps? (Quality Potential: 40%)
6. The Dears - Gang of Losers (10/3) - A 6 foot 6 black singer who croons like Morrissey. Still living off the underground popularity of their song "Lost in The Plot," can their whole album match this emotional level? (Quality Potential: 60%)
7. Scissors Sisters - Ta-Dah (9/26) - Elton John's reincarnation takes a second shot at the dance floor and mainstream radio. (Quality Potential: 50%)
8. The Decembrists - The Crane Wife (10/3) - Last year's album pulled then out of obscurity into college radio darlings, this year promises big things. (Quality Potential: 75%)
9. Robert Pollard - Normal Happines (10/10) - GBV singer goes solo to much hoopla. (Quality Potential: 40%)
10. The Pernice Brothers - Live a Little (10/3) - Their last album went away from their Smiths' influence and was seen as a disappoint. Will they be able to regroup and make a Louder Than Bombs impression this time around. (Quality Potential: 30%)
11. Sparklehorse - Dreamt For Light Years (9/26) - It's been almost 6 years since this low-fi wonder has been heard. It's almost a guarantee the result will be underwhelming. (Quality Potential: 60%)

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what about the new Brand New cd? It's absolutely amazing.