Sunday, September 24, 2006

The 11 Best Song by DJ Shadow

I worked in college radio when Shadow's first CD (Entroducing...) came out. The guy who ran the Sunday School (our day of pure hip-hop programming) said it was one of the best CDs he had ever heard. I was could a DJ make a good CD, isn't he just mixing up other people's music? The programmer looked at me and said, "Exactly!" Well, I didn't get it until I listened. DJ Shadow was part of a new generation of musicians who took sampling to new levels. Creating new songs, using pieces of other songs. And on his first at-bat, he hit a home run. 10 years later, Shadow took the more cautious route on his new CD, packing it full of guest singers and rappers. And unlike the fresh and unique sound of his first CD, it sounds ordinary. I guess you can really only be original and groundbreaking once.

Here are the 11 Best DJ Shadow songs:

1. Blood on the Motorway (The Private Press)
2. Midnight in a Perfect World (Entroducing...)
3. Rabbit in Your Headlights (U.N.K.L.E. - Psyence Fiction)
4. The Number Song (Entroducing...)
5. Six Days (The Private Press)
6. You Can't Go Home Again (The Private Press)
7. High Noon (PreEmptive Strike)
8. Organ Donor (Fully Extended Version) - (PreEmptive Strike)
9. Building Steam With A Grain of Salt (Entroducing...)
10. March of Death w/ Zac de la Rocha (Internet Only)
11. Stem / Long Stem / Transmission 2 (Entroducing...)


1. Smooth Rock Beats (Live From Austin)
2. Red Bus Needs To Leave (B-Side)


Joseph said...

DJ Shadow is the shit.

Forsen said...

tru dat

Forsen said...

tru dat

Phil said...

Don't forget about Bloodstain by UNKLE. One of my favorite songs.

Phill Healey said...

Organ Donor only at number 8????????

dylon neumann said...

i cant believe changeling isnt on this list

dylon neumann said...

i cant believe changeling isnt on this list, besides midnight in a perfect world its one of his best