Friday, October 06, 2006

The 11 Best Beck Albums

Yes, believe it. Beck has recorded over 11 albums in his career, allowing me to do the ever popular album ranking. Why haveI devoted three lists this week to Beck? Am I that Beck crazy? Not really, there wasn't much else to focus on this week. Doing a top 11 for the Dears, Sean Lennon, or The Killers is a bit pointless at this stage of their careers. I wanted to do a Sparklehorse list but I kept falling asleep re-listening to their music. Weird Al was a potential list...but then again, it's Weird Al. So Beck gets the limelight.

Here are The 11 Best Beck Albums:

1. Odealy ( no surprises here)
2. Midnight Vultures (surprise!)
3. The Information (yes, I think it's that good)
4. Sea Change (depressingly good)
5. Guero (underrated)
6. Mutations (overrated)
7. One Foot in the Grave ( has aged well with time)
8. Mellow Gold (feels dated)
9. Geurolito (very hit or miss remixes - mostly miss)
10. A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight (a demo-rific look at Beck's early years)
11. Stereopathetic Soulmanure (at least it's better than Good Feelings)


fuckyoukitty said...

okay retard you forgot Lost Blues and Odelay is good but not the best. And what the fuck is Mellow Gold doing all the way down there?? You smug fuck.

Anonymous said...

you mean.... stray blues?

pearldrummer250 said...

haha I disagree with everything on this list, except that Odelay is No. 1 (My #2 would be Sea Change). The Information, was frankly, average. Some good songs, some I couldn't listen to. The sticker idea was cool, though. Also, Guerolito is better than Stereopathetic Soulmanure? No fucking way! Mutations is not overrated and Guero isn't underrated, or even that good. Think i'm gonna make my own list. But 1 question: if you were to update this list, would Modern Guilt be on it?

Nicholas said...

I actually agree with that list. The Information was underrated. I think many people consider Midnite Vultures their 2nd favorite, or even favorite Beck album, so that was not a surprise.

Only thing I disagree with is Mellow Gold being so low.

Anonymous said...

1. mellow gold
2. one foot in the grave
3. midnight vultures
4. odelay
5. guero

but i guess i'm not as in to the poppy stuff. i'm afraid i only have time to write 5 write now, i could spout out a whole 11 though

Bassistbrown said...

Well, personally, I agree with some of your options. But you have the right your your opinion, huh. For you haters thinking that Mellow Gold is all good. I disagree, half of the songs on that album are just nonsense, such as Motherfuker. And most of the songs on Sea Change sound the same. I personally like Odelay, Guero, and midnight vultures the best

erikbe said...

1. Odelay
2. Mutations
3. Mellow gold