Thursday, October 26, 2006

The 11 Best Cibo Matto Songs

In the 90s, alternative music was everywhere. So college radio had to dig deep to go reeeeally alternative. If you listened to your local college radio station (which is very unlikely) or you had a neighbor that worked at a college radio station (more likely) you probably heard Cibo Matto blasting from their speakers. When they came out...they were pegged as the female Japanese Beastie Boys. That's because people who work at labels are idiots. This was the same time Beastie Boys were being rediscovered and bandwagoners were just uncovering Paul's Boutique. Paul's Boutique is quirky...Cibo Matto is quirky = therefore they are the same. Despite the terrible comparison, CM's first album was very quirky...they also sounded nothing like anything else out there. They sang about chicken and beef jerkey and sounded like they were singing jingles for Japanese food products. Of course, to spawn further comparisons, the Beaties signed the girl duo to their label Grand Royal.

It took until their second album for the girls to truly begin to mature...a big part of it may have had to do with production from Mike D. and their expanded band line-up one-off Butter 08. Whatever made it happen, their 1996 release "Stereotype A" is a practical college radio masterpiece. They went from choppy casio-style beats to swooning romantic melodies. The change was a great one. They had proven that they were not a one-off musical side-show, they were a groundbreaking force.

About a year later...the band broke up. I guess there was nowhere to go but down.

This week sees the release of Cibo Matto's Miho Hattori's first solo album since the band's demise. So here are, the 11 Best Cibo Matto Songs:

1. Moonchild (Stereo Type A)
2. Spoon (Stereo Type A)
3. Aguas De Marco (Super Relax EP)
4. Stone (Stereo Type A)
5. La Pain Perdu (Viva! La Woman)
6. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Working For Vacation)
7. Flowers (Stereo Type A)
8. King of Silence (Stereo Type A)
9. Beef Jerky (Viva! La Woman)
10. Sci-Fi Wasabi (Stereo Type A)
11. Sugar Water (Viva! La Woman)

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