Sunday, October 01, 2006

The 11 Best Non-Album Tori Amos Songs

This week Tori Amos released a 100,000 song box set, filled with hits, alternative mixes, b-sides, covers, remixes, outtakes, demos, and a couple college football fight songs. To top it all off, the box set comes packaged in a full-size baby grand piano. And if that wasn't all...if you act now, Tori will come to your house and perform every song on the box set. (Okay, I made up that last part)

Picking the 11 Best Tori Amos songs would have been an arduous task and probably have infuriated many rapid Tori instead I'm going to focus only on the bonus tracks (b-sides, guest spots, soundtrack songs). Tori's one of those rare artists who puts as much faith in her bonus tracks as she does her album tracks. Compiling close to 100 non-album songs in her 15 year career, that's about more impressive than some bands entire careers.

So here are the 11 Best Non-Album Tori Amos Songs:

1. Siren (Great Expectations Sdtk.)
2. Blue Skies (BT - Ima)
3. Mary (Little Earthquakes B-Side) MP3
4. Honey (Under The Pink B-Side)
5. Never Seen Blue (From The Choirgirl Hotel B-Side)
6. Take To The Sky (Little Earthquakes B-Side)
7. Cooling (From The Choirgirl Hotel B-Side)
8. Butterfly (Higher Learning sdtk.)
9. Purple People (From The Choirgirl Hotel B-Side)
10. Sister Name Desire (From The Choirgirl Hotel B-Side)
11. Black Swan (Under The Pink B-Side)

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Station Agent said...

Sugar? It's my number one.