Monday, October 02, 2006

The 11 Best Replacement Songs

Where do great song writers go when their careers are over? They make soundtracks to knock-off animation movies for kids. This week saw the release of the Open Season soundtrack, featuring new music by Paul Westerberg. From Cameron Crowe to Ashton Kutcher. It's like walking into a Burger King one day and seeing Bill Clinton working the fry machine. Of course, I'm not sure which is sadder.

Here are the 11 Best Replacement Songs:

1. Bastards of Young (Tim)
2. Alex Chilton (Pleased To Meet Me)
3. Here Comes A Regular (Tim)
4. I'll Be You (Don't Tell A Soul)
5. Skyway (Pleased To Meet Me)
6. Can't Hardly Wait (Pleased To Meet Me)
7. The Ledge (Pleased To Meet Me)
8. Sixteen Blue (Let It Be)
9. Left of the Dial (Tim)
10. Another Girl, Another Planet (B-Side)
11. Attitude (All Shook Down)


Mulberry Panda 96 said...

Westerberg has a young son. Therefore I don't begrudge him for doing the "Open Season" soundtrack. (He also got a good paycheck out of it.) The best rumor to come from his collaborations with Tommy Stinson for the "Open Season" and "Elizabethtown" soundtracks and those two new Replacements songs is that they're going to record a new album together. I just hope they don't call it a Replacements album if it ever gets made, and I hope Westerberg acknowledges Stinson's strengths as a songwriter.

Matt Carr said...

Another Girl, Another Planet is a cover song. It's by the Only Ones. But that B-Side is a great version.