Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The 11 Best Elliott Smith Songs You've Never Heard

I've been asked a few times now why I don't post all the songs that I list on the site. So, I figured it's about time I address the question. On most sites, the site is dedicated to the actual songs that are being posted. Someone may get a cool B-Side or a live cover, then they post something about the band addressing the MP3. Other times, the blog is about a specific band and the blogger posts songs specific to the band at the center of the article. My goal on this site is to not only talk about cool bands or to share music from cool bands but to let my readers know about all the other great music out there. The point of the blog is to give you a sample of what is out there, in hopes, that it will motivate you to head out and find more of the music. Obviously, no one wants to leave the safety and security of their one wants to spend hours scrounging the net for that last obscure track. And hell if anyone wants to pony up $12 on Amazon for the CD single to get one song. But sometimes in life, if you want something bad enough, you have to earn it. And if by me not posting every song means that you have to go on iTunes and pay .99 cents for a track...well, then at least that artist earned something for the great work they shared with the world.

Elliott Smith's New Moon (get it free here) is an excellent collection of many of Elliott's lesser and better known outtakes and demos. But Elliott was far more prolific than the set reveals. There is easily enough unreleased material out there to have another two or three more 2-disc sets. Here's a sampling...

The 11 Best Elliott Smith Songs You've Never Heard:

1. Division Day (X/O B-Side)
2. Enemy Is You (X/O B-Side)
3. A Living Will (Figure 8 B-Side)
4. Amanda Cecilia (Jackpot Demos)
5. I Can't Answer You Anymore (Jackpot Demos)
6. How To Take A Fall (Figure 8 B-Side)
7. Taking A Fall (Outtake)
8. I Don't Think I'm Ever Going To Figure It Out (Speed Trials EP)
9. Some Rock Song (A Taste of Lemon)
10. No Name #6 (Speed Trials EP)
11. No Confidence Man (Pete Krebs single)


Jackie said...

Let's see some love for the Basement out takes huh? See You in Heaven, Stickman, True Love, From a Poison Well, Let's Turn the Record Over... it's all gold baby! Oh, and A Living Will is a great Figure 8 bside.

Anonymous said...

Um, the only problem with that is not all of these songs are avail. on itunes. If they were, especially the Travis ones, I would have been happy to purchase them.

I understand what you're saying and I appreciate it.

Sirbu said...

Thank you for the songs!