Tuesday, May 29, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: The Strokes: Live in London (Alexandra Palace 2003)

Today begins a new series here at GBU. Most of the time, I have been focusing in on lists. Best of...worst of... and mostly fun stuff. But what I have been completely ignoring is the "unknown" section of the site. So now, over the next few weeks, I am going to begin the "Unknown album" series. This will be a series that will be primarily focusing in on famous unreleased albums from some of our favorite artists. I will also be inventing new fictional albums from your favorite artists, filled with new songs. Confused...you'll get it when I post The White Stripes' "Giraffe" and Soundgarden's "Black Weather."

Today, I want to begin with The Strokes Live album "Live in London" that was supposed to be released on October 11, 2004. What happened? Well, it didn't get released. No one is really sure why the plug was pulled. All we know is instead of mastering the final album, the band went back into the studio to complete First Impressions. Unmastered and sitting on the shelf it remained...until today.

Recorded at London's Alexandra Palace in December 03, the show is a smash 'em volley of the Strokes at their finest. Though most live albums lack a little something...this one definitely is worth the listen. Don't believe me? Check NME's review of the live show (http://www.nme.com/reviews/the-strokes/7238)

Here is The Strokes - Live In London:

1. Reptilia
2. Under Control
3. Whatever Happened To...
4. Alone, Together
5. The Modern Age
6. 12:51
7. NYC Cops
8. You Talk Too Much
9. Someday
10. Hard To Explain
11. The End Has No End
12. Automatic Stop
13. Soma
14. Take or Leave It
15. I Can't Win

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Brad said...

finally i found this. you have no idea how much i appreciate this. i knew about this album and was bummed it never came out. you rule...almost as much as the strokes.

Travis Titan said...

this is really old, but do you still have these files by any chance? please message me at traviskinne@gmail.com if you do. would love to snag them from you. thanks!