Sunday, May 13, 2007

The 11 Best Travis B-Sides From Good Feelings

No one considers the art of the B-Side a bigger asset than the band Travis. Here's a band that not only turns out some of the most collectable B-sides in the music industry (they cover everyone from The Band to Queen to Britney Spears) they are probably one of the few bands who has released more B-Sides than A-sides. Before the release of their recent album "The Boy With No Name" they had put out a total of 49 songs through official albums. On the flip side (pun intended), they've released 54 B-Sides. Either they're a band working too much overtime, or they're in desperate need of a better record contract.

I've split the next couple of days into a few posts. For fun I've split the 4 eras into their own albums (Bad Feelings, The Woman Who, The Highly Visible Band, and 12 More Memories)

Here's Part One - The 11 Best B-Sides From The Good Feelings Era:

Bad Feelings

1. City in the Rain
2. Standing On My Own
3. Everyday Faces
4. Gimme Some Truth
5. Coming My Hair
6. Unbelievers
7. Hazy Shades of Gold
8. Blue on a Black
9. Reason
10. When I'm Feeling Blue
11. Me Beside You

But Travis' new album here.'s very good!!!

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