Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The 11 Best Hot Chip Songs

Today is Super Tuesday. And for all you idiots who ran around wearing your Superhero costumes...you've got the wrong day. What I don't understand about today's election is the shame that comes with voting for some people. I know a lot of friends who voted for Hilary but just won't admit it. Why? The race between Obama and Hilary is a race between two very similar candidates. It's not like it's a race between Hitler and Jesus.... It's a race between two Democrats who agree on almost everything. why won't people say they voted for Hilary?

Staying in theme with Hilary...why exactly do conservatives hate her so much? Many of my conservative-leaning friends think she's the devil. I asked one of them why...he said because she wants to raise taxes. I asked him how raising taxes to pay off Bush's massive debts makes her the devil....his response: "Because." Look, raising taxes doesn't make some the devil. Raping babies and eating puppies are things the devil does. Raising taxes to pay off a Bush's inability to be fiscally conscious doesn't make someone The Devil...it makes them responsible.

BTW, middle class taxes were lower under Clinton than they were under Bush.

The 11 Best Hot Chip Songs

1. I Was A Boy From School (The Warning)
2. Over and Over (The Warning)
3. From Drummer To Driver (Coming On Strong)
4. No Fit State (The Warning)
5. Baby Said (Coming On Strong)
6. Look After Me (The Warning)
7. A Glue Too Thick (Boy From School EP)
8. Colours (The Warning)
9. Keep Fallin' (Coming On Strong)
10. Sexual Healing (Over and Over)
11. Just Like We Breakdown (The Warning)

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Jeff said...

Ahhhh! Awesome list!! As a fellow hot chip fanatic, the only missing bits I can think of are 'so glad to see you' and 'plastic.' It's great that 'look after me' made the grade tho! :)

Captain Hooka said...

no thanks jeff