Monday, February 04, 2008

The 11 Best Jack Johnson Songs

Jack Johnson is headlining Coachella. I don't get it. I like Jack Johnson. Hell, during the 3rd quarter of the Super bowl, I could have used a nice dose of Jack Johnson to keep me from falling asleep. But does anyone who goes to Coachella like Jack Johnson? Even if you can find a handful...and a handful is pushing it enough to constitute a headliner slot? Jack Johnson headlining Coachella is like asking Pearl Jam to play at the Republican National Convention, just slightly less dangerous. I get Portishead...I sort of get Roger Waters...but Jack Johnson? Really? There was no one else out there to wrangle? The Police, the Cure, Beck, Ryan Adams, and The Mars Volta were all busy? How about a uber-re-union like Oingo Boingo? Those guys probably have nothing to do... Or Stone Roses...? The Smiths? (Okay, the last one is a pipe dream)...but Jack Johnson. What are the organizers thinking...after 3 days of drugs, sex, and $10 bottles of water, you're planning on lulling everyone to sleep? I don't get it. But Good Luck!

The 11 Best Jack Johnson Songs:

1. Symbol In My Driveway (On & On)
2. Banana Pancakes (In Between Dreams)
3. Never Know (In Between Dreams)
4. Flake (Brushfire Fairytales)
5. Cookie Jar (On & On)
6. The News (Brushfire Fairytales)
7. Imagine (John Lennon Tribute Album)
8. Taylor (On & On)
9. Better Together (In Between Dreams)
10. Middle Man (Brushfire Fairytales)
11. Mediocre Bad Guys (On & On)

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bloupe said...

hey the best song should be
sleep trough static

john said...

looking for a song where the chorus ends with the sentence:
"And she was", a real good song,
don't know if it is by jack, can someone help me out?
(it is not the talking head)

scott said...

what is the name of his song.. the one that has a grandpa and grandson looking at black and white pictures and the chorus goes like this the pictures dont show what the shades of gray hold please help me out been looking every where for this song thank you

daas said...


John said...

GO ON and sleep through the static