Friday, January 16, 2009

The Unknown: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Hot Tulips

Okay, I partially lied. I'm stopping back in to do one more post before I take a little break. With the news of the Ryan Adams & the Cardinals split...this may be the last time I can do this post.

It's hard to get a specific read on the Cardinals. They were a terrible away team. But had a solid home record. That is until the playoffs and they went into Carolina...who was perfect at home...and completely dismantled them. Now the Cards return home, to a play where they have performed strong all season. But they must face an experienced and streaking Philly team...who has been here before...and has come away victorious. Two months ago, Philly beat the Cards by 28 points...granted that was at Philly. The week before the Cards lost to Carolina by 4 on the road. They avenged the Carolina loss...but that was a closer game. Can the Cards overcome that blow-out to make this a game?

Cardinals win!!!!!!

Here is Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Hot Tulips:

Thanks to MUSIC FOR HUMANS for the last four songs.
I don't have a So Hot, So Cold. If anyone can shoot those over to me...I would appreciate it.


aerolls said...

First off here's a link to Nobody Listens to Silence:

Thanks for the other rare trax.

I myself am digging Heavy Orange. Such a killer song that should have been on Cardinology.

Let me know if you get a mp3 of so hot so cold, I need that one.

Go Cardinals!


mjb said...

Thank you so much for these tracks. I thought I had heard everything that ever came out of Ryan's mouth but these are new to me. And so precious now that we don't know when we will be getting more.

the acoustic version of "What sin..." is killer.

acompleteunknown said...

Thanks for aerolls for NLS!!

Michael said...

Maaaaaaan. Via your blog, I am just now learning about the Ryan/Cardinals split. What a drag. I felt like they'd done some great stuff and were on a stellar path. Thanks for the songs, though.

Jelly Roll Jansch said...

I can't get the other Two Ryan Adams albums to work Hate is Heaven and the other one..I got the new one to work. But when I download it, it gives me a HTML file..


Jon Wolf said...

Such a great post, thank you! Does anyone know any of the origins of these songs? Were these all Cardinology b-sides? Especially Heavy Oranges, how was that not on an album?! Thanks again!

aerolls said...

I found and m4a for so hot so cold. Can some one please transfer this to an mp3 file for me. here's the link



aerolls said...

I found another one to add to the list, a demonstration version of A Kiss Before I Go. A bonus track from Jacksonville City Nights.

Here's the link:


mjb said...

I converted "So Hot So Cold" to mp3 but I don't know how to get it here?? I'm so technologically inadequate. I'd be glad to pass it on if someone would tell me how.
I have really enjoyed all these rare tracks. Thanks so much.

Boredom: the musical soap opera said...

Hoping that this could be re-hosted. Bandwidth limit has been exceeded. Huge fan of The Cardinals and have heard of these tracks but never actually heard them. Very anxious and grateful to anyone who can host them, or email them to me?

Ryan Townsend said...

thanks for these tracks, a great bootleg collection to add to the ever-expanding Adams universe. hopefully it continues to expand...

Feelin' Young said...

Wow...awesome stuff. I've been looking for mp3 versions of a lot of these, having only the LPs and no way to convert. Any chance you can repost some of these. The links are broken. Thanks so much!